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a tribute to film photography

In Retro is a photographic campaign that wants to celebrate the world and life in just two tones – Black & White. It is a throwback to a sepia tinged time when things were sophisticated yet simple, ambitious yet accessible.

In Retro seeks to document the passage of time at our resorts and destinations. Its subjects will represent life in various phases of transition and change. It is our fond hope that these monochromatic images will stir viewers into contemplation long after their subjects have passed into history.

Unlike digital, the medium of film photography accomplishes a distinctive relationship with its subjects. It tells stories that are stark but powerful in their appeal, unencumbered by the distraction of colours and the oppressive lordship of technology.


Latest Post

Kuruba Council Hut.jpg

Subject: Ambala (Kuruba Council House)

Place: Kabini, Karnataka

Year: 2023

Camera: Yashica Mat 124 G

Film: Ilford HP5 Plus


Other Stories from Evolve Back

Evolve Back Stories_ B&W.jpg
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